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Hill Performance Professional Program 

The ideal candidates for the HPT Professional Program are top prospect athletes competing at the AHL and NHL level. Athletes must be accepted to the Professional Program to be eligible to participate. 

HPT Commitment

Hill Performance Training welcomes any athlete looking to take their life and athleticism to new found heights. we believe that creating buy-in, alongside expert coaching driven by sport science creates an environment for maximal results. the unrivalled results we make with our athletes are accomplished through relentless commitment to detail in our programming, using the gold standard of technology, research, and application of behavioural science to address their needs. Our culture is built on the foundation of character, effort, & humility with a mutual desire by athlete and coach to get better each day, not only as athletes, but as people.


Every Athlete accepted to our Professional program will undergo:


Athlete Profile

This is a customized profile based on a thorough understanding of the human body, biomechanics and specific sport demands, combined with the latest evidence-based sports science. The program is tailored to detect each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses to enable design of individualized programming & adaptations.  


The profile consists of three tiers:


Tier One - Musculoskeletal Screen 

Tier Two - Athletic Competency 

Tier Three - Performance Indicators 


Athletes will receive a complete detailed individual report including Athlete’s Primary focus for development (Power, Physiological, Patterning). This report is designed to drive the science and the “why” of the training program and guide the athlete and coaching towards the most effective Athletic performance programs. 


 Development Programming will consist of:


  • Functional Strength, Sound Movement, body control & coordination

  • Foundational Strength & Power 

  • Sport & Positional Appropriate Speed & Agility

  • Explosive Power & Transition

  • Sport & Positional Energy System Development

  • Change of direction and reactional agility 

  • Micro Stretching, Myofascial stretching & Mobility techniques

  • Nutritional guidance and practical recovery


Program Details

  • Full Summer Program running April 4th- September 2nd

  • Pre and post-program biomechanical assessment, on-ice and off-ice testing

  • Daily and weekly wellness and force metric tracking included 

  • Supplement & recovery package 

  • Professional coaches with CSCS Certification

  • Individual attention working with Coach Daniel Noble, Director of Athletic Performance

  • Individualized coaching and customized programming suited to each athlete's physical needs

  • Athletes work at a 1:1 Athlete to Coach Ratio

  • Professional speed coach and functional Joga instructor included in program


Cost is based on a full summer commitment. For custom start dates or meal plans, please contact Coach Dan Noble at (416) 464-2618